Inoface Skin Care
skin care set

These products come in a small size of 70ml so that they can be carried in a bag without too much burden. They are manufactured to provide easy portability during travel, business trip, or outing and also convenient storage after use.
A set of toner,milk, and mist will serve a light makeup purpose; and three different ingredients will provide you a chance to make combinations according to your skin type.

1) Calendula : Helps calm the skin and improve sensitive and problematic skin.
2) Lavender : Smoothens the skin and keeps the balance of the skin with its moderate contents of oil and moisture,
    thereby helping the skin absorb makeup to be put on at the next step.
3) Aloe : Takes care of the dryness and crumbliness of the skin by quickly supplying its abundant moisture to tired and dry skin.

method of use

1) Toner : Soak a moderate amount of it in a cotton ball and dab it softly from inside to outside along your skin grain.
2) Milk : Take out a moderate amount of it and spread it on your face and neck in the morning and evening after you apply the toner.
3) Mist : Spray it over your face moderately at a distance of about 20 cm without your eyes shut and dab yourface softly with your palm
    for quick absorption.

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